Other Local Foods

Summit offers many:

  • Locally Jarred Goods
    • Ozark Pickle Pantry
    • Blackberry Hill Farms
    • Two men and a Garden
  • Thompson Farms Soups and Dip Mixes
  • Local Honey

Just to name a few…… plus a full line of Delicious Jams, Jellys, Pickled Goods and More.

Just Baked & Delivered
Fazio's on the Hill Breads
The Best in Saint Louis!
Available Every Day

Fresh Amish Cheeses
Millersberg, Ohio
Great Big Tasty Selection at competitive prices
Available Every Day

Missouri Eggs from Happy Chickens!
Free Range or Cage Free
Available Every Day

fresh baked bread
fresh amish cheeses
fresh amish cheeses

150 East Argonne Drive • Kirkwood, MO 63122-4308