Get Real - Go Green

  • Real Christmas trees sustain the air we breathe.
  • Real Christmas trees are biodegradable.
  • There are one million acres of real Christmas trees grown annually on US soil.
  • Real Christmas trees sustain wildlife before and after the holiday.

The fragrance is not the only benefit of breathing in the scent of a fresh tree, because of photosynthesis. Trees absorb carbon dioxide laden air and replace it with oxygen. Just one acre of Christmas trees produces enough oxygen each day for 18 people. Which means that one million acres of Christmas trees grown in the U.S.A annually will supply 18 million citizens with oxygen 365 days of the year.

For each cut tree an average of three new seedlings will be planted in its place. Smaller trees actually produce more oxygen than larger trees.

Real Christmas trees are biodegradable. The trunk and branches can be ground into mulch for gardens, parks, or in animal stalls. Sunk into private ponds, cut trees make an excellent refuge and feeding area for fish. The trees also work as winter refuge for small animals and birds. Check with your local dept. of public works for information on pick-up and or drop-off sites for your tree after the holiday.

Artificial tree owners may feel that they are helping the environment because their tree is being used year after year. They are misinformed. Plastic trees have an average lifespan of just six years. They are then tossed into a landfill where they will remain for centuries to come. The tree, used as symbol of life, is part of our holiday custom. It engages not only our senses of sight, touch and smell, but also our sense of tradition, hope and goodwill.


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Real Christmas trees are sustainable and biodegradable
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